Beware From Autolikers And Auto Followers

Beware From Autolikers And Auto Followers

Beware From Autolikers And Auto Followers
Beware From Autolikers And Auto Followers

hello friends, today I’m talking about a subject that is spreading like a disease. Today is the name of our topic, Beware from auto likes and auto followers. Friends, in this world of technology, technology is moving forward at such a fast pace that has no limit. Today everyone manages his profile with the help of a mobile or computer sitting at home. This world of technology has made man lazy. Today the world has become such a large social media platform, on which every person opens their account today. But do you know this? That could be something wrong with your profiles.

Nowadays, with the help of technology all the work is easily done. But sometimes this technology is used incorrectly. There are many people who take advantage of this technology wrongly. So today we will talk about the topic of how these people trap you. What is wrong with your profiles? Nowadays such tools have come, with the help of which you can increase thousands of likes on your photos.

And such tools have come, with the help of which you can increase thousands of follwers. But sometimes there is something wrong with your profile. I’m not talking about a theoretical. I’m absolutely practically talking about this topic. I used an account of myself to increase autolikes and autofollowers. Then I tell you what happened to my account. Then I will also tell you what have to do.

Your Account Is In Danger?

Actually I made my profile on Facebook and many other social media. Then there were no more friends on all these social media. And I have some friends, many of them were friends who had millions of likes on one picture. And their followers were also more. However, everybody wants to have thousands of likes on their photos. And everybody wants to have many followers.

I was also one of them, I myself also wanted that millions of likes came on my photos and also wants to increase followers. Then at that time, I asked my friends how do millions of likes come to each of your photos? Because it was a matter of her personality was not very special. Yet how is it possible to get so many likes on each of its photos? Then he told me about autolikers and autofollowers. He told me that millions of likes come with the help of autolikers tools on my photos. And even my follower has increased with the help of the same tools. I was surprised to hear it.

I could not understand anything. But I want to increase the likes and followers on my profile. So I asked him about those tools, and I did exactly what she had said me. And then thousands of likes started coming on my photos. And my followers grew too I was surprised at how many such likes could come. But I was feeling great and I was very happy. Whenever I used to upload my photos to social media, there were thousands of likes comes on that photo.

After that I created my page. And on that page likes started coming in more quantities. I was happy to see all this But I was unaware of some things. A few days later I saw in my news feed that I did like the photo of someone who I did not know. And there were many pages that I liked, but I did not know anything about those pages. And my following had also increased. I did not understand anything like before, what has happened to me. Then I asked my friend how all this happened, so he also said that he did not know anything. So I started thinking about all these things and started reading about all of these tools. And got all information about that tools. Then I understood everything.

Now let me tell you what effect it has on my profiles due to the tools and then what I did to that profile. Because of all these tools when the likes were growing on my photos, the likes were also moving on the photos of some other people from my side. The people who I do not know, the photos of those people started likes growing from my side. And when my helpers were growing with the help of tools, then with the help of the same tools I did follow others automatically. I was surprised to see it all. And when I came to understood everything. Then I immediately deleted the account. Now let me tell you how all these tools work. And what can be the effect of these tools on your profiles?

Whenever you increase the number of likes on your photos with the help of autolikers, then there may be wrong work from your profile. And whenever we get the help of autolikers, and when logging in to a site that does the work of increasing the fake likes and followers. Then we inadvertently hand over our profile to them. I mean to say that, when you log in on those sites, then your profile is managed separately. In simple words, you allow them to do this. And your account is used incorrectly. In such a situation, it would be better to delete your account. If you want to use any of the sites or any tools, get complete information about that tools. In the end, just want to say that you are away from things like fake likes and fake followers. If you log in to your account on such sites, then your account may be used incorrectly.

We do not want to spread the rumors about any tools. This article has no relation to any of the tools. If this happens then it will be just a coincidence.

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